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Xzotic Pens


With a childhood passion for woodwork that initially involved crafting furniture and larger items, our dedication has evolved into a refined art form. At Xzotic Pens, we have channeled this passion into creating compact, indispensable pieces that enrich everyday life.

We meticulously source woods from various corners of the globe, constantly seeking those exceptional gems that will be transformed into cherished writing instruments, bringing immeasurable joy to the lives of their owners.

Sourced from nature, crafted by hand


At Xzotic Pens, our vision is twofold. First and foremost, we are committed to contributing to the reduction of plastic waste by offering sustainable alternatives. Simultaneously, we aim to create exquisite heirlooms that transcend time and generations.

To achieve these goals, we consciously source our wood materials, utilizing off cuts from mills and furniture manufacturers. By repurposing these otherwise discarded pieces, we minimize wastage and promote environmental sustainability.

Each writing instrument we create is a unique masterpiece. With every piece of wood possessing its own distinctive character, no two products will ever be alike. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest products and uncompromising quality. Our mission is to ensure that this timeless art form continues to bring pleasure and joy to those who write with our crafts.


We wanted to make sure customers can customize their pens as much as possible. Not only can one choose from the array of woods, but also styles. To add an extra touch, we have the option of engraving each writing instrument.


Our craftsman carefully selects each piece of wood then creates your masterpiece. Each stage of the process is done with precision to ensure the highest quality possible.


Every piece of wood is chosen carefully for its character and mechanism styles to compliment each other.

Interchangable Xzotic Pens
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